Who hath ascended up to heaven, or decended? Who hath gathered the wind in his fist? Who hath bound the waters in a garment? Who hath established all the ends of earth? What is his name, and what is his sons name, if thou canst tell?
proverbs 30:4



The Idea of the Merle Gene
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The Idea of the Merle Gene
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A conceptual Album by W.D. Wind an artist on Renaissance Records. All artwork associated with the album was also produced by W.D. Wind. The Idea of the Merle Gene was Executive Produced by Walter Gambino. This album tells the story a kid from Shreveport, Louisiana. One who is not going to be defined by social economic status and refuses to believe that things have to remain as they are in his local community. How will he create the change? What makes him feel like he's different ? This is the Idea of the Merle Gene. A physical variation created because W.D. Wind was not bred for appearances but for functional purposes.

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MARCH 14, 2017




      I'm an artist. I'm not just another wanna be rapper..A wise man once said "I think therefore i am"... I am a voice in the wind..I am the wind because only my God knows where I came from and only He will dictate where this path will take me...Most of the hip-hop community is in it for fame and fortune...I am theconverse . If the world accepts you then the LORD will reject you . I am the converse and here I invite you to take a step in my shoes. The dream began in Shreveport, LA where I was born. This wasn't the path given to meby my family or their expectations...my destiny is mydestination..one to be reached through a journey in faith..along the way I will donate half of every dollar earned to those less fortunate than myself...Trust me, if all I wanted was money I would have finished college. I'd be a mechanical engineer by now... "My reward is the feeling I get when I record, play it back it make dat beautiful noise" to take anything more would be greed. I enjoy the title struggling artist cause we are all struggling in this economy...I have no kids therefore my fight and my battle is for you. So those who struggle with life are those who may find joy in my music. A joy from knowing I share your pain. We will get thru this fight as a boxer and his trainer. We will fight thru this adversity together. They will also know and feel the joy of investing in your community.. the measure of a man will not be what he accomplishes for himself but what he does for those in the world around him..(btw i GO HARDER Than Scrotums from the bottom of the Totem...when most lack emotion-I see thru life thru a lens and they aint in full focus...(free-typing)). I am a Christian man, but I do not believe that is a journey we complete in this life. We must know death to know life and retain a life everlasting. I am documenting that journey with modest lyrical ability. My goal is to fully transform from a lost soul to Disciple of Jesus Christ. A student of his teachings and a believer in his words .May that truth replace anything i have uttered...the least bit absurd. I just wanna live right when no man is just and upright in the eyes of the LORD for only God is good. I chose "the wind" because in Ecclesiastes Solomon lets us know that all things in life are "chasing the wind" money, fame, power and prestige its all vanity and we struggle in vain. Solomon was richer and wiser than anyone could hope to be and he tells us the best thing we can do is find happiness in our work cause we don't know what is to come from it. Find love; a good woman is from God. Then just enjoy life...its ups its downs its taxes and all the other stuff too...bad shit happens,so??? Some days the sun shines on a dogs ass ...When you breathe: breathe deep...when u exhale: let your problems go..take care of today's problems today and tomorrow will take care of itself.


Caesar Carpe Diem is a conceptual album brought to you by W.D. Wind an artist on Renaissance Records. The album is largely produced by Phil Will of the Sound Pharmacy and Executive Produced by Walter DaVinci.  Creating a scenario where the J Redd produced "War" emphatically stands out as both a climax point and declaration. Caesar Carpe Diem is sonic cinema. This project is the lyrical embodiment of Julius Caesar. W.D. Wind sounds like a man determined to build an empire, while suggesting that each individual be as determined in his own pursuits. Carpe Diem. SEIZE THE DAY.

I think it’s a question of whether cruelty is good or badly used. Cruelty well used (if we can ever speak well of something bad) is short-lived and decisive, no more than is necessary to secure your position then stop; you don’t go on being cruel but use the power it has given you to deliver maximum benefits to your subjects. Cruelty is badly used when you’re not drastic enough in the beginning but grow increasingly cruel later instead of easing off. (8.7)
— Niccolo Machieavelli -The Prince
Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, a cry of the human spirit to be free.
— Anne Sullican Macy


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