Let Em Vent

 After a four year jail sentence, Christopher "Fuol" Vails prepares his first mixtape since returning home. With titles such as the self produced  "Feeling Life F**k it",  we question are these mere meaningless explicative words? This is the voice of a man realizing it is time to capitalize on his own freedom. "Crime is a Lesson" produced by Phill Will reminds the listener that Chris is literally a [fuol] lyrically.  He assaults the pianos and synths with a barrage of bars guaranteed to make you dance. "Fuol "also addresses the irony that crime has to be taught and he undoubtedly paid attention. The father of fraternal twins has spent time away from the three things he loves most: His two children and his music. After hearing the radio lately we understand his frustrations. Let em Vent. 


-Renasci Culture

Adonis Moore