The Idea of the Merle Gene

The Idea of the Merle Gene

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A conceptual Album by W.D. Wind an artist on Renaissance Records. All artwork associated with the album was also produced by W.D. Wind. The Idea of the Merle Gene was Executive Produced by Walter Gambino. This album tells the story a kid from Shreveport, Louisiana. One who is not going to be defined by social economic status and refuses to believe that things have to remain as they are in his local community. How will he create the change? What makes him feel like he's different ? This is the Idea of the Merle Gene. A physical variation created because W.D. Wind was not bred for appearances but for functional purposes.

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The Idea of the Merle Gene- W.D. Wind

1. Catahoula Lifestyle

2.Thanking Yachts Ft. Walter Gambino

3.Whats Your Story

4. Moment of Relfection

5.Big Dreams


7.Really Ft. Fuol

8.So Much Pain

9.Soon Enough